Friday, May 17, 2013

Where to from here?

Over the past year I have had the amazing opportunity to work full time with LiveBeyond/MMDR overseeing our international missions, and during that time I have seen things that will forever stick with me.  I have seen such terrible levels of poverty and oppression through serving in Haiti that I know I have matured into a better man in the process.  Growing up in Brentwood you can be shielded from seeing some of the realities of life that might be a little upsetting for people.  For me, though, seeing these levels of poverty has just been like a lightbulb turning on inside my head showing me what I am meant to do with my life*.  I see it as a gift from God that I know what I am meant to do while so many friends are finding themselves in the twenty-something predicament of having to act like adults without having any idea what they are doing in life.

* I still have absolutely no idea what I am doing in life and am constantly shocked that people treat me like an adult when all I want to do is go home and watch Cartoon Network.

With that said, I feel like it is time to share with all of you what Liz and I have been talking and praying about for the next stage in our life.  We are looking to make a drastic change of sorts and move away from the city that we have both grown up in.
-Primarily, we see this as a time when we have very little tying us to one particular place, and we want to take advantage of that freedom.  It is not often in life that you are able to just up and go wherever the Lord sends you without having to deal with countless complications.  Right now, though, our only major complication would be selling a house and packing up our belongings.  That seems like a small price to pay to move onward in this great adventure of life.
-Another reason that we are looking to move forward to the next stage in life is because I am really uncomfortable living off of the generosity of others.  Living off of donations for the past year has been incredibly humbling and I am continually blown away by how generous friends and family can be when they are struggling financially themselves.  I feel, though, that it is time to remove the burden that we have placed on them and move to a new position.

Liz and I have been praying at length about where God would lead us in this search.  It is entirely possible that God will show us that we are meant to stay here in Nashville, but I wanted to let everyone know that part of this change might be a move from the city that we both love so much.  Right now, the organizations that I am looking at working with are all on the west coast, and we both realize that if I were to receive a position at one of these organizations it would be with a lot of prayer that I would accept it.  We have also given some thought to looking at other positions here in the Nashville area, but have not been shown any openings here that we feel like God is calling me to.

What I am writing all of this to tell you, though, is that we are asking for prayer.  Our friends and family have been the ones to support us financially over the past year, and now we are asking that you all continue to support us through prayer.  I feel that I am following God's direction (even if I feel that I am doing it blindly) to the best of my ability, and I am reassured of this every time I feel deep joy through serving those in poverty.  I am not, however, perfect at understanding God's will and I ask that you all keep Liz and me in your prayers so that we would hear clearly where God wants us.  If that means moving across the country, then that is what we will gladly do.  If that means moving halfway across the world, then we will also do that with great joy.  If that means merely changing jobs here in the Nashville area, then that can also be the next step.  Please just keep praying that we will be shown what the next step in our life is to be.

Thank you all so much!


Corbin, this is exciting! I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what God has for you two. Ben and I will be praying, and, again, thank you for all you've done in Haiti and will continue to do in whatever calling God leads you to next! Much love!

Great post and updates. Excited to see where you all end up next b/c of course, we want to come visit!
Thanks for all the great work you have done for those with less.

Your words are energizing and encouraging. Michael & I will keep you guys in our prayers as you prepare for the next step.

Thank you guys so much for your prayers and kind words. For some reason I can't reply to anyone's comments and have to add my own. You guys are all such a blessing to Liz and I.

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